Army Navy & Air Force  Veterans in Canada

Sir Winston Churchill unit #3 Edmonton AB

History of the Anavets3 Veterans Club   In Edmonton

 When the club was first formed, it was known as the united service club and was formed on July 30, 1921 from veterans from WW1 and the South African campaign.  These were the ones who sought and received a charter to form the Army Navy & Air Force Veterans association in Alberta.  As soldiers, many of them served together in the 49th city of Edmonton Battalion later know as the Loyal Edmonton Regiment and now the perpetuated by the 3rd Battalion Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry also know as PPCLI.

The first charter was presented at a gala affair held at the Chateau Macdonald.  Major General W.A Griesbach accepted the charter and was installed as the first President of unit .  Reverend J. Comyn-Ching asked for gods blessing on the new born club and was installed as the first Padre.

The first meetings were held in the hotel dinning rooms in the Prince of Wales Armouries. Eventually, Quarters were established in the hall at the old Gallagher block at 9973 Jasper ave (this site is where the addition of the Hotel Mac was later erected).  The club remained here until 1925.  The club moved to 10029- Jasper ave in 1926

In the early years there were hardly finances for beer and skittles.  The usual procedure was to pass the hat around and when enough money was collected it went towards a keg of beer from the Edmonton brewing co. or from the other side of the river from the Strahcona Brewing & Melt company.  There were some good old times at the club to be had.  In 1946 after WW2 when many servicemen from all over the empire were entertained, the club found a new home at 9962 Jasper ave in the Jackson block.

In 1963 an official request was made to Sir Winston Churchill to incorporate his name in the identification of the unit.  This was graciously consented to and a new charter was obtained and the club became officially designed as the Sir Winston Churchill Unit no. 3.  In 1969 the club relocated to 10148-105 st where it remained until 1980.  In 1979 and by popular demand the executives were authorized to seek a new premises to accommodate and facilitate the needs of an ever enlarging membership.  On June 28 1980 the ground breaking ceremonies for a new building was at 12611-127 st.  The club opened its doors on Dec 10 1980 after many construction delays due to rain.  The official opening was held on March 8 1981 with the Dominion President Sam Stillwell and Federal , Provincial, and civic dignitaries cutting the ribbon.  Dominion Vice President Ben Bianchini was master of  ceremonies and he went on to be elected as the unit's only Dominion President in 1984 to 1986